Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days Challenge!

Finally I have succumb to the wanting to do the 30 Days Challenge too! I actually saw this from a friend's blog and was ever since been pestered to do it. Though I often denied that I wanted to do it, finally I suppose I gave myself away. LOL

I am always scared of blogging because I worry that I won't have the time or chance to update regularly. The thing is I don't own a laptop anymore, house internet is super duper crazy slow, I am starting a new job next week, and etc. Hence I always put aside ideas of doing such things but this time, I just decided to make the move without much thought and just do it! So here we are!

Well I have never made any resolutions or any long term challenges as my discipline is bad cause I tend to get bored to easily or get distracted. But I am really hoping to finish this though! Won't exactly say that I am trying to work on my discipline, but I think it's kinda fun and interesting.

So if any of you are actually doing it, done it or planning to do it , please let me know. We could actually share our goals and that could be fun!!

Sit tight for the 1st day post!

1 comment:

Jules said...

sounds challenging... *considers* hmmm can be a good start in my 'new' blog XD